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Q: So, how does this work?

A: It's simple! Read our About Us section to discover more.

And remember: we're writers who love new stories like you, so helping you is at the centre of everything we do.

Q: If I upload my work to your site can I still upload to other peer-review and unpublished writer sites?

A: Of course. In fact we actively encourage you to. This way you can gain access to the widest market and broadest feedback for your hard work. If you didn’t it would be like being successful in achieving a publishing deal but insisting that your book was only stocked in one store – which you would never do!

Q: What is the sites relationship with the publishing industry?

A: Good question! We believe it is every writer's dream to be published in the traditional manner using the publishing industry.

With this in mind we believe our site is a new part in the process for new writers during your journey. You will receive direct market feedback from readers to improve your work and you’ll be able to show the industry your success by earning 60% of the cover price you set for your work. For the publishing industry we are adding an additional filter to help them improve the quality of submissions they receive; potentially reducing the quantity of unsolicited manuscripts that they presently simply don’t have the resources to fully review and critique.

We are open to all mutually beneficial relationships with all parts of the publishing industry and are actively pursuing this with Agents/Editors/Publishers. If you work in the industry please visit the Contact Us section to find out more and to get in touch with us.

Q: What are my intellectual property rights for any work that I upload?

A: Under international law all Literary Works have Automatic Rights and protection for the life of the creator plus 70 years after. As a writer you have to feel comfortable with this prior to uploading your work (we’ve looked into it and we’ll certainly be uploading our work as soon as we can!).

Whilst our site does not provide additional protection over that provided under the numerous international Conventions that govern this, we will email you a time and date stamped copy of your work when you’ve uploaded it (a better solution than posting yourself a copy!). This may help prove that you’ve written it in the future should you ever need to.

More information confirming the above can be found at:

If you so choose there are third-party copyright companies that you can pay to protect your work in addition to the Automatic Rights you already naturally receive. However we have never used one (and we don’t plan to in the future) and cannot advise you of the value of doing this.

This website does not in any way profess any ownership of the member uploaded work on our site. Uploading to the site does not in any way effect the Automatic Rights an individual has over their original Literary Works that they have created.

Q: What payment methods and currencies will you support?

A: For 100% security our payment method will be utilising PayPal and its integration features. This will be a totally secure, easy, and familiar experience for our members.

Also, our writers will be able to set the currency that they would prefer to sell their work in. They’ll have the option of £GBP, $US, Eeuro and $AUS from launch. We’ll be considering expanding our currency support as a future development for our site.

Q: Being a responsible business is important, what are your thoughts on this?

A: We totally agree! We take our responsibility from a social and environmental perspective extremely seriously. We commit that we will:

Social responsibility - We believe in the power of the writing and reading to improve the lives of people around the world. This is why every year our Shareholders will decide upon a percentage of any profits we make to give to literacy and education charities. We’re actively looking for suitable partner charities to work with to this objective - if you’d like to work with us visit the Contact Us section for details.

Environmental responsibility - We believe in ensuring everything we do leaves as small an environmental footprint as possible. In the future we hope to be completely neutral in terms of our business operations and this is something we’ll strive to achieve. In the shorter term we will always choose suppliers that deliver a great experience for our members that also share our vision of environmental sustainability.

For example, our chosen Server provider operates at Grade A in terms of energy efficiency by providing Servers that deliver three times the computing power for every watt consumed.

If you have any additional questions please email us and we’ll respond as quickly as we can at: faq@iwritereadrate.com


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